Whatsapp for Lg K7

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How to install WhatsApp on Lg K7

Firstly, open your setting -> Additional Settings

Next, click on Privacy

Turn On installing apps from Unknown sources

Click on the big blue Download button on this page and press Ok to save an APK file

Swipe down to open your bottom panel. After finishing downloading click on the file name

Press on the install button and enjoy your new app!

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Answers to the Most Common Questions about Whatsapp

Despite the fact that this messaging app was made for the greater good, it doesn’t lack its fair share of drama. Apart from concerns on whether or not someone has seen your message or not, there a lot of other perplexing issues that come with this fantastic app. Below are answers to common questions that will help you understand Whatsapp better.

Where does Whatsapp get my contacts?

First and foremost, you cannot save your contacts on Whatsapp. This means that Whatsapp only gets your contacts from your phonebook. If you just added a new contact, it will not automatically appear on the app, especially if you are not connected to the internet. You will, therefore, need to open the app, and if you notice that contact is yet to appear, click the dots that appear on the home screen and refresh. Remember, only the contacts that are registered on Whatsapp will appear.

Can I turn my Whatsapp to invisible mode?

Absolutely yes! Some people want online freedom. They do not want others to see when they were last online, and they tend to avoid messaging apps that cannot help them achieve this. With Whatsapp, you can change your "last seen" status by simply going to settings>account>privacy, and then changing the status to nobody. You can later change this setting if need be.

Can I prevent people from seeing that I am on Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, this is impossible at the moment. As long as a person has your contact, he will be able to see that you are on the platform. Also, even people who are not on the platform will look at your account as long as they have your contact. Some people think that blocking others will prevent them from seeing their accounts. Never! As long as the person you have blocked still has your contacts, they will be able to see you in their contact lists, only that you will not receive messages from them.

Can I create my group?

Whatsapp groups are not for a chosen few. Everyone can create a group including yourself. What makes it interesting is the fact that doing this is as easy as ABC and it is a process that will not take a minute of your time. Go to the chat area, click on the three dots that appear on the top right-hand side of the app and click new group. You choose the name of the group, the contacts to add, the group icon, and even the people to promote as administrators.

When I mute a group, does it mean that I will not receive messages?

Unfortunately, no. People mute groups to avoid the inconveniences that come with getting many notifications. However, this doesn't mean that you will not receive the messages. In fact, the messages will keep coming on your notification bar only that your phone will not unnecessarily vibrate.

If I wrongly send a message to a contact or group, can I delete it?

A recent update by Whatsapp enables you to delete a message you have sent to a wrong recipient. Long press the message and click on the delete icon. Then, select "delete for everyone," and the message will varnish.

However, it is prudent to be careful when sending messages, especially in groups. If some contacts were online when you sent the message, they might see it, and even reply to it, something that might blow your message out of proportion. If you already clicked send, then delete it as fast as possible before the recipient can see it. Alternatively, you can delete the message before it reaches the server. Quickly turn off the data or Wi-Fi, and remove it before it is marked as sent.

Can I delete Whatsapp contacts?

Yes, you can delete the contacts that you do not need on your Whatsapp. You will need to remove them from your phonebook, and then come back to Whatsapp and refresh the contact list. Done! The list will be updated, and the contacts you deleted will varnish. However, this does not mean that the contacts you delete will not be able to reach you on the app. If you do not want this to happen, then you will need to block them.

Is there a limit on the number of groups I can join in Whatsapp?

On this platform, you can join as many groups as you can. This is an opportunity you need to grab especially if you are in business, and you need platforms to market your goods or services. However, many groups can sometimes be problematic especially if you have not muted them.

Can I update my status with images and videos?

Adding videos and images is one of the latest updates by Whatsapp. What makes it interesting is that you can update as many pictures and videos as you can, and let the world around you know what you are up to.

Is there a problem if I fail to update my Whatsapp?

To attract more following and make its existing users happy, Whatsapp is updated routinely. Each update comes with a new fantastic feature. If you want to get the best out of this platform, then you should consider installing the update when available. If you fail to update the app for long, you will be given a grace period of a few days, and if changes are not made, then you will not be able to use the app until you update it.

How much does this app cost?

You are not charged a dime to download and use Whatsapp. However, if you are not using the app via Wi-Fi, data charges will apply.